This is Good, a unique collection of limited edition essentials. We are excited to share with you how this collection came to be, the reasons for working with deadstock, why we chose to manufacture locally here in Berlin and what we hope the collection will mean to you.

GOOD TALKS Ettina Blaison, founder of Thone Negron

Design was always at the core of Ettina’s being, from sketching her first fashion drawings at the age of 12 to founding the Konk Store in Berlin Mitte in 2003, to finally launching her own brand Thone Negron in 2008. Despite facing the challenges of location upheaval, splitting from a business partner, and venturing out to establish an independent label, Ettina consciously manufactures beautiful pieces – ready to face the every day.

GOOD TALKS Malaika Raiss

MALAIKARAISS has been an integral part of the Berlin fashion landscape for over ten years, creating womenswear pieces to be worn for life, not just a fleeting moment. As part of its unique curation, The Good Store has been showcasing MALAIKARAISS second season pieces for 6 years. Store owner Gerda Jünemann and journalist Eliza Edwards sat down with the designer to learn about Raiss’ personal inspirations, their female-empowering designs and what it really takes to achieve both local and, increasingly, international success.

Finding Our New Normal

Even if it’s just to give your mind a rest from the news, or to find a new dress for your upcoming stay at home dinner, we’d love to welcome you. If you don’t feel ready to drop in, our display window will be regularly refreshed if you just want to walk by for inspiration. 

If you’d like to pay us a visit, we are welcoming appointments via email. We believe that what makes The Good Store stand out is the attention and support we are able to offer our customers.

GOOD TALKS Kiki Dieterle

Kiki Dieterle redefines elegant minimalism with her hand-crafted jewellery, embracing a unique versatility that precisely accents any ensemble. The Berlin-based brand exists at the nexus between subtle and iconic design, presenting pieces born from expert craftsmanship. The Good Store founder Gerda Jünemann, Kiki herself and writer Eliza Edwards sat down together (from a distance) to dive deeper into the world of Dieterle.

Interview with Coudre Berlin

If you’ve ever wondered about the gorgeous scent that washes over you every time you enter The Good Store, it’s our custom scent, which we developed exclusively with Coudre. As part of our interview series, Friends of The Good Store, we sat down with the Berlin-based duo to discover more about their menswear and homewares label, where they go for inspiration and the long-kept secret about that signature Coudrex The Good Storescent.

Introducing Good Jewelry

The Good Store presents it’s own jewelry line as a distillation of the values and aesthetic of the store as a whole, the curated line perfectly represents the optimistic minimalism of The Good Store - the belief that “good things will happen soon”.