Friends of The Good Store – Interview with Kirsten Landwehr

As part of our interview series Friends of The Good Store we sat down with Kirsten Landwehr, the former stylist and gallery owner, who has been bringing her pieces to us since the beginning. In conversation with Kirsten, we discovered that her playful but considered perspective extends far beyond the world of fashion and art, a refreshingly holistic approach to the world.

Interview with Coudre Berlin

If you’ve ever wondered about the gorgeous scent that washes over you every time you enter The Good Store, it’s our custom scent, which we developed exclusively with Coudre. As part of our interview series, Friends of The Good Store, we sat down with the Berlin-based duo to discover more about their menswear and homewares label, where they go for inspiration and the long-kept secret about that signature Coudrex The Good Storescent.

Introducing Good Jewelry

The Good Store presents it’s own jewelry line as a distillation of the values and aesthetic of the store as a whole, the curated line perfectly represents the optimistic minimalism of The Good Store - the belief that “good things will happen soon”.