Finding Our New Normal

Is The Good Store still open?

If you’d like to pay us a visit, we are welcoming appointments via email. We believe that what makes The Good Store stand out is the attention and support we are able to offer our customers: whether it’s three friends squeezing into a changing room, someone living in the neighbourhood swinging by for a spontaneous chat or a regular dropping in to see what’s new on the rack. Our choices in terms of what service we can provide in a time like this is limited, and our priority is your safety, and the service you know and love.

Even if it’s just to give your mind a rest from the news, or to find a new dress for your upcoming stay at home dinner, we’d love to welcome you. If you don’t feel ready to drop in, our display window will be regularly refreshed if you just want to walk by for inspiration.

How is The Good Store feeling?

Like for everyone, this moment has brought significant change. This shift is both negative and positive, but we’ve come to realise that it’s important to view this time as constructively as possible in order to provide The Good Store community with the service they love and deserve.

We are excited for this next stage, but recognise that it will be different. We are discovering our new normal. The launch of our new interview series, Good Talks, is a chance for us to celebrate that The Good Store is not just a store, but also a group of likeminded people, intent on pursuing a lifestyle of conscious consumption.

 Can I shop online at The Good Store?

Yes! We think fashion can offer some light relief and inspiration, so we have taken this time to develop our website with products and exciting editorial content. If you’re Berlin based and want to try on a piece then feel free to make an appointment via email and drop by!

 Can I still bring my pieces in to be sold?

Yes, with appointment via email. In order to keep contact to a minimum we ask that you send pictures of your pieces you would like to sell first. Some things to be aware of:

  • You are welcome to send a pre-selection via e-mail.
  • The pieces must be freshly washed and where applicable, dry-cleaned.
  • We do not select by brand, but by the condition and quality of the pieces.
  • The pieces must be appropriate to the season.

Will the online shop be regularly updated?

Yes, once a week. We are very conscious and careful in our selection of pieces we sell, so don’t expect hundreds of pieces, but beautiful ones!

 What are the plans for the future?

To keep going whilst maintaining the standards we stand for. We want The Good Store to remain a positive space to inspire people and offer some light relief. We have always stood for principles of sustainability and know that this new version of the future necessitates an altered mindset.

What are Good Talks?

Good Talks is an interview series which tells the stories of friends of The Good Store. This was in the pipeline before the lockdown, and now after some consideration we think it’s more important to “touch in” through enlightening conversations with some truly inspiring people. Whether it’s a profile on a brand we feature in-store or a long-term customer, the spirit of The Good Store is represented through these characters and we’re excited to share their stories with you.


Finding Our New Normal