SASKIA DIEZ Ultrafine Necklace silver

SASKIA DIEZ Ultrafine Necklace silver

EUR 119,00

Iconic Saskia Diez necklace that just adds a subtle silver glance on your skin.

ULTRAFINE is a short necklace from super delicate chainmaterial. Only half a millimeter thick, it is made from super delicate chain. Spiral closure and a little plate hanging from it. Perfect for the Saskia Diez Birthday Pendants or just a little minimalist piece of jewelry by itself.


Made in Munich.

Material: Sterling silver
Measurements:  the diameter of the chain material is 0.5mm, necklace length: 42 cm

Care: This is a delicate necklace, please store separately to prevent from knotting.


This necklace can be tried on at our Berlin store. Please contact us for an appointment or any further questions!

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