TEGAN EMERSON Five Handled Vessel

TEGAN EMERSON Five Handled Vessel

EUR 135,00

Handbuilt coil vase with 5 indented coral handles. Made with a chamote stoneware body and matte off-white glaze.

Made in Berlin.

H 22.5 x 13.5 x 13.5 cm

Indented ‘coral’ handles are always sealed with glaze, but running a bristled brush along them when washing will ensure they stay clean.

With a background in archives and fine arts, Berlin-based Australian artist Tegan Emerson draws upon both to create ceramic forms that explore our dwelling in nature and time.

Luxuriously tactile, with textures reminiscent of corals and moonscapes, these forms inhabit a realm somewhere over the Mediterranean Sea. Hovering between unknown aquatic depths and the gravitational pull of the moon of Atlantis and tidal shifts serve as an inspiration for these ceremonial forms.



picture and text by Tegan Emerson

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